1.8: Ethical Guidelines When Observing Children - Social

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11.1: Group Problem-Solving - Social Sci LibreTexts

How about a five percent off coupon code for the next purchase, to get them to return and to help us better identify our customer base? We may also want to build in a customer referral rewards program, but it all takes better data in to get results out. We should also explore the supply side of the business and see if we can get a more reliable

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11.5: Price Discrimination - Social Sci LibreTexts

Coupons attract sensitive consumers to the same product by offering a discount. By using price discrimination, the seller makes more revenue, even off of the price sensitive consumers. Premium pricing: uses price discrimination to price products higher than the marginal cost of production.

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14.18: Consumer Data from Private-Sector Sources - Social

Data suggest the parents, let’s call them Larry and Rhonda, will consistently spend far more than the coupons’ value. Additional statistical evaluations of parents’ activities and discussions online and off may suggest that Larry and Rhonda and their children tend toward being overweight. The data, in turn, results in a small torrent of

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4.3: Theoretical Perspectives on Society - Social Sci

A construction worker is laid off and takes a job at a fast food restaurant temporarily, although he has never had an interest in preparing food before. Answer. A. The Protestant work ethic is based on the concept of predestination, which states that _____. performing good deeds in life is the only way to secure a spot in Heaven

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11.2: Investment - Social Sci LibreTexts

Bonds can also pay out fixed payments, called coupons, in regular intervals up until the maturity date. Suppose a bond with face value $1,000 sells for $900 on the market and has annual coupon payments starting a year from today up until its maturity date 10 years from now.

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11.3: Types of surveys - Social Sci LibreTexts

However, for participating in one survey, I was given a coupon code to use for $30 off any order at a major online retailer. I’ve taken other online surveys where on completion I could provide my name and contact information if I wished to be entered into a lottery together with other study participants to win a larger gift, such as a $50

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8.3: Types of Surveys - Social Sci LibreTexts

I’ve taken a number of online surveys; many of these did not come with an incentive other than the joy of knowing that I’d helped a fellow social scientist do his or her job, but on one I was given a printable $5 coupon to my university’s campus dining services on completion, and another time I was given a coupon code to use for $10 off

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11.1: Informative Speeches - Social Sci LibreTexts

A student recently delivered an engaging speech about coupons by informing us that coupons have been around for 125 years, are most frequently used by wealthier and more educated households, and that a coupon fraud committed by an Italian American businessman named Charles Ponzi was the basis for the term Ponzi scheme, which is still commonly

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15.2: Market Power and Monopoly - Social Sci LibreTexts

When there are many buyers and sellers of a homogeneous product, we have a competitive market ( Figure 15.2.1 "The Competitive Market Outcome"). Equilibrium is at the intersection of supply and demand. At the equilibrium level of output, households enjoy buyer surplus, given by the marked area below the demand curve and above the equilibrium price.. The surplus arises from the fact that some

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