What Research Can Tell Us About Breastfeeding Stigma

A 2011 report from the Office of the Surgeon General and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cites stigma among the many barriers to breastfeeding, before calling for action to mitigate these barriers. A large body of research suggests that fear of judgment discourages mothers from breastfeeding in public places. Other studies have found that the sexualization of breasts in

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When the Wheels of Justice Grind Out … Coupons - Pacific

Robin Effron, assistant law professor at New York’s Brooklyn Law School, says coupons are not always a bad thing but she worries that in many cases these in-kind settlements can be far too lenient. “Defendants shouldn’t be off the hook just because the harm they’ve done is spread out over a lot of people,” she says.

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These 12 Apps Will Revolutionize Motherhood, Except They Won’t

We just got artisanal cupcakes last year, Uber came in early 2014, and last fall the local grocery store chain, HyVee, began online ordering and delivery. Previously, I had shopped primarily at the discount chain Aldi — tracking sales, cutting coupons, and saving money.

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Winners, Losers, and the Business of Buyouts

On Fairway Market and the perils of growth, when improvisation is replaced for efficiency and predictability.

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Frank Nelson

Coupons. Critics draw attention to massive class actions that compensate attorneys well but recompense the afflicted with little or nothing of value. By Frank Nelson. Let's Get Wind Power Off the Ground. A new crop of entrepreneurs believes that wind power can and should take to the skies — literally. By Frank Nelson.

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The Making of a $455 Million Specialty Pill

At first I shrugged it off. This had been my first visit with an orthopedic specialist and he, Dr. Mohnish Ramani, hadn't been the chatty type. He'd barely said a word as he examined me, tugging my arm this way and bending it that way before rotating it behind my back. The pain made me squirm and yelp, but he knew what he was doing.

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Pyramid Power, or Pennies for a Pony

Named after the Italian immigrant Charles Ponzi, who bilked millions from people buying his international postal coupons that he sold from his Boston office in the 1920s, these swindles depended on the trust and avarice of many, increasing at an exponential rate similar to my piggy bank scheme.

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Uncovering the Financial Impacts of Local News Deserts

High offering yields mean that a city or county has to promise to pay more in coupons (semiannual payments to bondholders) or more principal for whatever the city is borrowing. Secondary yields, on the other hand, are the interest rates for bonds as they trade in the market: more of a proxy or indicated rate of a city's financial well-being.

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Work-Life Balance Benefits Low-Wage - Pacific Standard

In late summer, with the back-to-school shopping season in full swing, a small group of clothing retailers in Chicago will challenge convention by offering their low-wage, mostly part-time workers a list of perks normally reserved for management: flexible hours, time off when needed, and a locked-in schedule of shifts that allows workers to plan a full month, rather than a few days, in advance.

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How Cheating (and Duffle Bags of Gold) Got Me a First

Hotel rooms and airplane seats are spoilable goods, because the second that flight takes off or the sun rises the following day, the seat or the room is worthless. As Leff explains: “Close to the moment of travel, any excess inventory can be purchased in bulk by a frequent flier program very cheaply.

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Are Those Health Care Alliance Cards You Got in the Mail a

Obamacare and its muddying of the medical-cost landscape offers newly fertile ground for advocates, entrepreneurs, and crooks. So against that backdrop of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, one of our staffers received an envelope—unsolicited—in the mail bearing resident code “HB-6357-14294” and containing “pharmacy discount cards” and a letter welcoming her as a new

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