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Singapore’s longest-running independent online media platform. by Anuj Chopra Forty-five American lawmakers have urged the US government to boycott next month's G20 summit in Riyadh unless Saudi authorities address key human rights concerns, according to correspondence released Wednesday.

Actived: Thursday Oct 22, 2020


31 ways to bring in extra income even with a full-time job

Referrals can earn you taxi discounts, coupons and extra cash (if you get your friend a job in your company), so keep an eye out for referrals schemes when you try out a new service or register on a new app. 15. Become a freelance writer. If you think you have the flair for the written word, you have a chance to make money from it.

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Food discount apps in Singapore that let you eat on the

By From digital loyalty cards to virtual coupon books, we’ve got the scoop on the best food discount apps in Singapore. If there’s anything Singaporeans love more than dining, it’s finding a great deal on dining. These five food discount apps not only give you savings at your favourite restaurants, bars, cafes and kiosks; they […]

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While Li Hongyi is praised for app, five TP

In contrast and probably as a result of the success of the app, the use of coupons has significantly decreased. Mr Wong said that in October 2017, 180,000 booklets of parking coupons were sold per month. But now with the app, that number has dropped to only 50,000 booklets. Mr Wong described it as ‘not bad at all’.

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DBRS Morningstar: Pandemic bonds to be issued by WBG amid

According to the report by global credit ratings business DBRS Morningstar on Tuesday (3 March), payouts for USD$132.5 million (S$183.86 million) will likely be issued in the form of pandemic catastrophe bonds which are sponsored by the World Bank Group’s (WBG) Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility (PEF). This issuance is in response to the ongoing COVID-19 […]

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honestbee Celebrates National Day with 52 Return Air

In celebration of Singapore’s 52nd birthday, honestbee – a personal concierge and delivery service operator – will be giving away 52 return tickets to Bangkok, Hong Kong and Taipei in August. 26 lucky winners will win a pair of return tickets to one of the top Singaporeans’ destination by participating in a simple online contest on honestbee’s Facebook page. […]

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Join RDA Singapore's Inaugural Walk-a-Wheelathon Charity

Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) Singapore is holding their inaugural ‘Inclusion Walk-a-Wheelathon’ and World Animal Charity Carnival and Adoption Drive on 30th September. They’re inviting everyone to come together and discover their hidden oasis in the centre of Singapore. The event will kick off with the Walk-a-Wheelathon which they hope will foster a sense […]

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Ubereats on its way to become world leader in online food

by Value Penguin The online food delivery industry has born some of the most successful online-to-offline (O2O) companies in the world, ranging from GrubHub in the US to Just Eats in Europe and Foodpanda (i.e. Delivery Hero) in Asia. And this series of success has been attracting tech giants to enter the market on their […]

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POSB Smart Buddy programme launches in 19 schools, world's

POSB worked with a number of local fintechs, including Touché, STYL and 3radical for the POSB Smart Buddy programme. Touché provides the biometrics payment solutions, while POSB works with STYL to provide the payments terminals for the in-school payment infrastructure, the wearable, the FAS (Financial Assistance Scheme) disbursement solution, and the upcoming location tracking capability.

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CCS findings on pricey milk powder hardly address the

These include distribution of samples or any other promotional materials, special displays, shelf labelling, price-off offers, discount coupons, premiums such as hampers and gift packs, and tie-in sales for products within the scope of the Code,” the website stated.

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The Phey Yew Kok affair - The Online Citizen

In trying to cover-up for Phey, the Solicitor General argued that workers had the option to accept or reject the coupons. Francis Khoo, counsel for the third accused, told the court that although the option to return the coupons was open to the workers, the date for the refund fell within the lay-off period.

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