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Money Assistance With Paying Bills, Debt, Loans And More

Low Income Financial Help is a resource providing financial and money assistance for low income earners and those dealing with financial hardship - Get money help here.

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The Ultimate Guide of REAL Discounts – Save Money Today

Superior Nut: Use coupon code “military” for 10% discount. Target Portraits: Present your Military ID at time of sitting, along with coupon to receive 50% off portrait collections, one free 8×10 and free sitting fees.

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Free Hotel or Motel Vouchers for the Homeless or Emergencies

Mu fiance has been off work due to medical reasons. Reply. Debi Redmond. December 2, 2018 at 10:22 pm. I debi Redmond I need help I am homeless and on the streets and it is fixing to be cold I am 49 yrs old waiting to see if I’m gonna get my Ssi.please someone help me. Reply. Sandra Clark.

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Money Assistance California - Low Income Financial Help

The CARE (California Alternate Rates for Energy) could help you get up to 35 percent off of your monthly utility bill. You may also get assistance through The Family Electric Rate Assistance Program provides lower rates for your electric bill and the Energy Savings Assistance Program provides free weatherization services to help reduce energy

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Charity Help With Bills & Other Living Needs - Low Income

How can I get help with low income.cause I have to move after being in the same home for 15years and I don’t have the money to put down on a place.and the furniture I have is no good.my credit is horrible cause someone used it.i feel so defeated.ive been looking for three months.on section 8 and still I can’t do much.how can I ask for help I’m 56 and don’t have the nerve for help.thank

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Free Diapers for Low Income Families - Low Income

One of the largest expenses when your baby arrives besides food will be the constant use of diapers. If you are a low income family or single parent these ongoing costs will be harsh reality. 1 in 3 low income mothers in the US has had to make the decision between feeding their baby and providing diapers.

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Rising Food Prices Hurting Your Budget? Here’s What To Do

Most people are familiar with the idea of using coupons for some savings, but there are more options available than the traditional paper versions with which you may be currently accustomed. Some store loyalty cards give you the ability to load digital coupons directly to your account, allowing them to automatically apply when you shop.

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Community Action Agencies and Services - Low Income

We finally were able to obtain a room at a run down hotel months later Vacation Lodge on Orange Blossom Trail paying $240 a week which was fine considering i work my but off to care for my children! Stayed there for over 6months without any problems then they got a new manager who then told me there’s to many people in 1 room so i have to get

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Financial Assistance for Single Dads - Low Income

This program provides housing assistance in the form of housing vouchers or coupons for rent, utility bills and other housing costs. If you do not qualify, many States offer Rental Assistance programs in geared-to-income housing complexes if you qualify. Most of these rental assistance programs have an income eligibility requirement.

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