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grants and children cut off from f ederal benefits. Congress set guidelines and gave the states new freedom, and states are now sorting the details. Welfare reform is truly a work in progress. For 60 years the U.S. welfare system provided ongoing cash payments to poor families with children. Now, Congress has declared that welfare will be a

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• Site validation coupons will be required for fisher, pine marten and river otter. See page 48. Bear • No more than three bait stations may be placed at one time for each licensed bear hunter. • Bear bait drums may be used on private land. See page 92. • Bear bait stations must be identified with a sign that contains the licensee’s

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I. MFIP -The Program

when a parent goes to work the family should be better off fmancially. Under MFIP, going to work always increases a family's income. The real jobs. that. exist in. today's labor market become an. opportunity. Income. from. a job that falls short of providing a "family wage" can be combined with continued, though reduced, assistance. 2. Support

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