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Actived: Sunday Jan 17, 2021


Super-Couponing Tips: Fine print causes coupon conundrum

So, you couldn’t in turn use a 75-cents-off-1 coupon on something you already used a $1-off-2 coupon. The register will note that a coupon discount already has been attached to the item, and it

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Coupon secrets: Do you know your limits? | Local

Because I've saved my coupon inserts, I have six coupons for 50 cents off four cups of yogurt. I'm not limited to just buying four cups; I'll buy 24 today. Now, 24 yogurt cups may seem like a lot

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Coupon Queen: Readers question coupon limit | Local

Store coupons are issued by the store itself and will state "store coupon," and typically the store's name, somewhere in the text. Manufacturer coupons come in all different shapes and sizes.

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Coupon Queen: When in doubt, ask cashier to scan coupon

Now, most Catalina coupons for a dollar amount off your "next shopping trip" have no restrictions on them; you can buy whatever you'd like. And, while it's likely that this coupon will scan on any

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Coupon Queen: Know the difference between purchase

Coupons that state, "Limit one coupon per transaction" are typically store-issued coupons. This wording is commonly seen on coupons like "$5 off a $50 purchase" or a store's coupon for a deeply

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Super-couponing Tips: Using coupons on other products

Using coupons in an "off-label" manner such as this actually hurts your store financially. When a store turns in its coupons for redemption, a manufacturer may request a report from the store that

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Super-CouponingTips: Beware the dark side of extreme

50 cents off four-packs of yogurt were shown, but the shopper purchased single-serving cups that cost less than 50 cents. Higher-value coupons made the yogurt free - but they weren't the proper

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Super-Couponing Tips: Manufacturer coupon stacking has its

Q: Some of my coupons state ‘Limit four like coupons per shopping trip.' I had a $1 coupon for detergent and wanted to buy four bottles with that coupon and get $1 off each of the bottles.

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Super-Couponing Tips: Successful couponing takes effort

I had a store coupon for $1 off 2 and two 75-cent manufacturer coupons. So what would have been a retail purchase totaling $7.58 was $1.29, or 65 cents per container of mashed potatoes.

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Super-Couponing Tips: Expired coupons still valid on

You can just drop the coupons off and they take care of sending them to the bases. I have personally taken the VFW more $6,000 worth of coupons in the past year, and I still drop them off every month.

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