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Do Mums Need To Be Covered At Night? | Home Guides | SF Gate

Do Mums Need to Be Covered at Night?. Although in cases of killing frost, you may wish to cover your mums, for the most part, covering mums in the evening is a way to ensure they flower earlier.

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How to Remove Concrete Splatter From Windows | Home Guides

How to Remove Concrete Splatter From Windows. Windows that are near new construction, whether you’re renovating or building a new home, should be covered to protect them from concrete splatter

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Does Making Extra Principal Payments on a Mobile Home Do

If you added $50 to every payment -- paying $420.80 -- the loan would be paid off in just over 12 years and the total interest paid would be reduced by almost $6,000 to $20,900.

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How to Remove Hairspray From a Laminate Floor | Home

Mix a teaspoon of dish detergent with 2 cups of warm -- not hot -- water and scrub the affected part of the floor with a rag. Keep the rag damp, but not wet, and rinse and dry the area as soon as

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How Soon Can I Get a Mortgage Loan After I Paid All Debt

How Soon Can I Get a Mortgage Loan After I Paid All Debt in a Credit Bureau Report?. There's no hard-and-fast rule to how paying off debt will affect your ability to buy a house. If you owe a lot

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Can You Get a Home Equity Loan Even If Your House Is Paid

An home equity loan is a loan against the equity in the home. Equity is the value of your home minus other mortgage loans. For example, if your home's fair market value is $500,000 and you have

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How to Troubleshoot an F3 Code on a Kenmore Oven Model

4. Disconnect the plastic clips that connect the probe wires to the EOC. Set the probe on a flat surface. Place one lead of the ohm meter on each of the metal tabs in the plastic wire connector

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How to Clean Landscaping Rocks | Home Guides | SF Gate

Hose off and scrub medium to large landscape rocks with a nylon, stiff-bristle brush. Use plain water and rinse the area well when finished. This is an excellent way to remove caked-on mud and

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How to Remove the Haze From a Crystal Glass | Home Guides

How to Remove the Haze From a Crystal Glass. Fine crystal glass contains lead oxide, which gives the glassware its weight, clarity and brilliance. A buildup of haze can dull your fine crystal

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What Is the Common Waterline Size Under a Sink? | Home

Shut-off valves come with different-sized outlet ports. The two most common are 3/8- and 1/2-inch compression or male pipe thread. Faucets connectors aren't completely standardized, but most have

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How to Remove Mold From Window Casings | Home Guides | SF Gate

If the mold doesn’t wipe off the window casings, use a plastic scraper to loosen and remove it. Mix 1/4 to 1/2 cup bleach in a gallon of water. Scrub the window casings with this mixture using a

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