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Elliott Advocacy (Elliott.org) is a nonprofit consumer advocacy organization dedicated to resolving problems between businesses and their customers.

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I wanted to use my Bed Bath & Beyond coupon. What is the

For your $29 annual membership, Beyond + offers members 20 percent off their entire purchase and “free” shipping. The membership fee is nonrefundable, according to its terms and conditions . “Membership Program benefits cannot be used in conjunction with any coupons or with any other prearranged discounts unless specifically stated

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Wacky package price blamed on "anomaly" in program

Of course, I could easily book it separately to get the lower price, but I had a coupon code for $50 off a hotel and flight package, and I wanted to maximize my savings. I called Orbitz to find out why this may be. The person in sales confirmed my findings and said it was the first time he has seen a package price be higher than the sum of the

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Rather be shopping? You've gotta know the code - Elliott

Pay attention to the last digit of the price tag. It could tell you if you’re getting a bargain, or paying full price. At least that’s what Kyle James says. His theory — developed over a 13-year career as a blogger and shopping expert — is that every business has a price-tag “code.” It’s an […]

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100,000 miles, $194 and a one-week delay - and you offer

T o fly from San Francisco to Paris last month, Kenneth Cook forked over 100,00 miles and paid a $194 fee 10 months before his scheduled flight. The routing wasn’t ideal — it sent him via Denver and Frankfurt, but for that, he was getting choice seats in the front of the plane. The least he expected was the see his luggage at the end of the journey, and that if he didn’t, the airline

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Congratulations, you've won a free $1,000 gift card - just

If you clicked on this story for your "free" gift card, you'll definitely want to keep reading. I've issued plenty of warnings about "free" products and some of you, dear readers, think I've gone too far. After all, aren't some of the best things in life free?

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Question about Caesars Entertainment offer? | Elliott's

During holidays, big events, conventions prices are skyrocketing, but off peak days they are very - very cheap. (Much cheaper than even the $299+resort fee offer for three nights.) - free coupons, free show Free coupons means, you get hundred useless coupons to buy useless, overpriced things for 'discounted' prices.

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I must get cash back, not a store credit, for my refund

I bought 3 items at Best Buy in Emeryville, Ca., 31Aug2019, and returned them 22Sept2019. They told me I could only have a store credit, not a cash refund. There is a 15 day return permitted. I was 7 days overdue. I bought a laptop computer there 3 or so years ago. I never need anything; – this

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The 6 biggest lies consumers tell a business - Elliott

“The most outrageous discount request was of 65 percent off.” A customer insisted he or she saw the offer somewhere and that the business must honor it. But Caracaleanu and her team have concluded that’s often a lie. As a result, they’ve changed their policy and now require a valid coupon code in order to honor the price.

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Elliott Advocacy - Here to help

Elliott Advocacy (Elliott.org) is a nonprofit consumer advocacy organization dedicated to resolving problems between businesses and their customers.

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Can you stay in a terrible hotel and then get a refund

Elliott Advocacy is underwritten by Travel Insured International-- Travel Insured International is a leading travel insurance provider.For over 25 years, their goal has been to help each individual travel confidently. Some of the major travel insurance benefits provided by in their plans include Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Accident and Sickness Medical Expense, and Baggage and

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