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Press releases. Subscribe to DHSS Press Releases & Newsletters . 10/20 Alaska COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force submits draft vaccination plan to CDC; 10/19 Report shows Alaska has had fewer COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths compared with peer states; 10/06 Fairbanks Pioneer Home detects new cases; all homes being actively monitored ; 10/02 Getting vaccinated against flu is more important

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Medicaid Recipient Handbook

basis. Unlike other cards and coupons, CMP coupons are issued by the CMP and not by DPA. A CMP coupon contains the recipient’s name, ID number, and the names of the primary provider and pharmacy that have been selected for the recipient. If a replacement CMP card/coupon is needed, contact the Care Management Program at 907.644.6842.

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This was a deferred item and is actively being worked. Providers can call in to Provider Inquiry 907-644-6800 option 1, 1 to obtain a Service Authorization

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ARIES Introductory and MAGI Medicaid Policy Course

• Medicaid cards replaced Medicaid stickers (coupons) on January 1, 2014. Children under age 19 receive the Denali KidCare card and adults over age 19 receive the Denali Care card. • Coupons will be used only for non-standard system issued recipient identification. Assistance Office Medical ID Cards

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everyone’s benefits combined.

3 • eWIC is a system used to purchase WIC foods with a card that can be used like a debit card. • Your family will receive one eWIC card with everyone’s benefits combined. • You will need to bring your card with you every time you go to the store. • You do not have to buy all your WIC foods in one shopping trip.

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904 Environmental Tobacco Smoke Exposure

ETS is a mixture of the smoke given off by a burning cigarette, pipe, or cigar (sidestream smoke), and the smoke exhaled by smokers (mainstream smoke). ETS is a mixture of about 85% sidestream and 15% mainstream smoke (4) made up of over 4,000 chemicals, including Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) and carbon monoxide (5).

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Medicaid - Alaska Department of Health and Social Services

Medicaid provides health coverage and long-term care services for low-income Alaskans. The Division of Public Assistance determines eligibility for this program.

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