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Informing debates. Shaping policy. Producing results. Nearly 78 million adults – about 1 in 3 – are having trouble paying for usual household expenses, today’s Census data show.

Actived: Tuesday Oct 6, 2020

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Housing Vouchers Work: Huge Demand, Insufficient Funding

This is the next post in our “Housing Vouchers Work" blog series, which provides the latest facts and figures about the Housing Choice Voucher program, the largest rental assistance program to help families with children, working people, seniors, and people with disabilities afford decent, stable housing. Housing vouchers help low-income households afford modest housing, but 3 in 4 needy

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food stamp coupons Section 4011: Phases out food stamp coupons as legal tender and makes conforming changes. CBO 5-yr cost: -$3 million CBO 10-yr cost: -$8 million Section 4202: Substantively the same provision with respect to phasing out coupons; minor technical differences. Includes a GAO study of “the

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Can Incentives for Healthy Behavior Improve Health and

The impact of individual behavior on the cost of health care is attracting a great deal of attention from policymakers. A number of state Medicaid programs are offering rewards for healthy behavior or considering this step, assuming that financial incentives will improve the health of Medicaid beneficiaries and help hold down health care costs.

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Program Integrity for the Supplemental Nutrition

Moving food stamps to paper coupons to an electronic benefit transfer system, shifting applications online, supporting electronic document management systems, and funding innovative approaches to fraud detection are examples of ideas that have come from this collaboration. Traditionally, these efforts have been non-partisan in nature.

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Comparison of Nutrition Provisions In House- and Senate

Include numerous provisions to enhance food stamp program operation, integrity, and oversight, such as allowing states to accept food stamp applications over the telephone, phasing out food stamp coupons (in favor of EBT cards), and giving USDA more flexibility to set disqualification periods and fines for retailer violations.

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New Tool Helps Self-Employed Calculate Estimated Tax

Some 15.6 million U.S. workers were self-employed in 2018, many of whom are part of the growing gig economy and are taking side jobs. Self-employment can have complicated tax implications, but CBPP’s Get It Back Campaign has a new tax tool — the first of its kind online — that can help the self-employed calculate their estimated tax payments.

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Coupons Section 4115 Phases out food stamp coupons as legal tender. As of the date of enactment no more coupons may be issued. No more coupons may be redeemed as of one year after the date of enactment. Makes conforming changes to the Act to reflect EBT. Also provides that no interchange fees

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Policy Basics: The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance

How Much Does SNAP Cost? In fiscal year 2018, the federal government spent $68 billion on SNAP and other related food assistance programs. Ninety-two percent of SNAP spending went directly to benefits that households used to purchase food, and 7 percent went to state administrative costs, including eligibility determinations, employment and training and nutrition education for SNAP households

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President's Budget Would Cut Food Assistance for Millions

President Trump’s 2019 budget proposes to cut the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly food stamps) by more than $213 billion over the next ten years — nearly a 30 percent cut — through radically restructuring how benefits are delivered, cutting eligibility for at least 4 million people, and reducing benefits for many others.

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Food Stamp Provisions of the Final 2008 Farm Bill | Center

The Food, Conservation and Energy Act of 2008,[1] otherwise known as the “Farm Bill,” includes a significant nutrition title that makes numerous improvements to the Food Stamp Program. Of the more than $10 billion over ten years in increases in domestic nutrition programs, $7.8 billion is for the Food Stamp Program (soon to be renamed the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance

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