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Actived: Wednesday Oct 21, 2020


Coupons and Bottle Deposits -

These coupons may: offer a certain percentage off the price of an item (for example, a coupon to receive 10% off the next purchase); offer an item for no charge if another item is purchased (for example, two-for-one coupons);

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Canada announces new Energy Savings Rebate program to help

Today, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna, announced the launch of the Energy Savings Rebate program to help make climate action affordable for Ontarians. Through this program, a total of $200 million of support over two years will be provided to Ontario retailers to offer up to 25 percent off the purchase price of specific energy-saving products.

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GST/HST in special cases -

Other coupons. Other coupons (whether reimbursable or not) that are not for one specific monetary discount may: offer a different percentage off the price of an item (such as 10% off the purchase of 5 or fewer boxes and 20% off the purchase of 6 or more) offer an item for no charge if another item is purchased (such as two-for-one coupons)

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Energy Savings Rebate program -

The Energy Savings Rebate program makes energy-efficient products more accessible to people across Ontario. The program provides $200 million over two years to participating retailers, big and small, to help Ontario residents afford energy-efficient products.

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Money tips to start the semester off right -

8/22/2013. Tips from FCAC for new and returning students. Ottawa, August 22, 2013 – For many students, the university or college years will involve learning about more than just their program of study. Post-secondary education often includes the experiences of budgeting for new expenses, like groceries and tuition, as well as using credit cards responsibly and avoiding debt.

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General Index of Financial Information (GIFI) -

General Index of Financial Information (GIFI) You have to include financial statement information when you file a T2 Corporation Income Tax Return or a T5013 Partnership Information Return.The GIFI is an extensive list of financial statement items where each item has a unique code (for example, cash is 1001). When you use the GIFI, do not submit your financial statements with your return and

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Part V - Airworthiness Manual Chapter 525 - Transport

A take-off warning system must be installed and must meet the following requirements: (a) The system must provide to the pilots an aural warning that is automatically activated during the initial portion of the take-off roll if the aeroplane is in a configuration, including any of the following, that would not allow a safe take-off:

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Healthy eating during the COVID-19 pandemic: Meal planning

Try to shop at off-peak hours. Some grocery stores are offering special shopping hours for seniors and high-risk individuals. While grocery shopping, keep your distance from others to stay safe. If an aisle seems too crowded, return to it when there are fewer people. Use your grocery list to help you.

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Payment vouchers -

Form RC159, Remittance Voucher – Amount Owing. Use Form RC159 to make payments on an existing debt or to make an advance deposit for an anticipated reassessment.. When using this payment voucher to make an advance deposit, clearly indicate that it is an advance deposit and include the tax year-end for which the advance deposit is intended.

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Copper in drinking water -

Run-off from the manure was measured periodically over a 224 day period. On day 18 (first measurement), the copper concentration ranged from 0.3 to 0.62 mg/L. The copper concentration in run-off peaked at 0.78 mg/L on day 26.

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