Tech Struggles During COVID-19 Hurting Students' Ability

Educators have big concerns about how unequal internet access is hurting students' ability to learn, as millions switch to virtual education in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a

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Ways Students Can Write for 'Authentic Audiences

Many receive free samples, stickers, or coupons in return. All of these work well because they show students the power of their words. There are many opportunities to write for an authentic

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Straight Up Conversation: Scholar Jay Greene on the

In the Crystal Bridges experiment, for example, we tracked coded coupons that we gave to all participating students and observed that students who visited the art museum on a field trip were

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From Jeans to Suits--With Money to Spare - Career Corner

Why pay full price on Tuesday if that fabulous suit is going to be 40% off on Wednesday? And on that note, never go shopping without doing a quick web search for coupons (don't miss www.savings

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Kansas City, Mo., Business Leaders Hope to Educate Public

The business community in Kansas City, Mo., is working to educate the public about the importance of quality early-childhood education. The Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce is in the middle

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Racing, Striving, Accelerating, Winning, Yada, Yada. And

Soon, I was signing off on a dozen or more books per day--easy, short books--to keep her in the running for "best" reader. The free pizza coupons were piling up on the counter. It never was about

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Your State Gifted Association - Unwrapping the Gifted

Tamara Fisher is a K-12 gifted education specialist for a school district located on an Indian reservation in northwestern Montana and past president of the Montana Association of Gifted and

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The Emperor Wears No Clothes - Bridging Differences

We should give patches, free coupons for pizza, gas and even a chance to enter a lottery for a free car. Student who do the right thing should be rewarded in very substantial ways.

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The Risks of Democracy - Bridging Differences - Education Week

Save coupons too. You may cook at home- and choose from a bunch of different ways of cooking- or have someone else do it. This is just the beginning of description btw.

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How Many PB & J Sandwiches Does It Take to Pay For College

And while we weren't able to pay off our mortgage, we did refinance to obtained a much lower interest rate. We ended up paying off about $45,000 of debt in 24 months.

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Monetary Vs. Non-monetary Rewards: Which Are More

For example, while some businesses offer employees the ability to 'earn' additional days off, most districts need teachers to be with students as much as possible. There are still many creative

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